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Standard service


€ 40.00

Gears adjusted front and rear. Brakes adjusted front and rear. Fork removed, headset re-greased and adjusted. Complete nut and bolt check including pedals, crank bolts, stem and handlebar bolts, wheel QRs as well as any fixing. Tyres inflated and checked for wear and damage.


Full service


€ 85.00

As a standard service, but with the addition of: removal of drive train (Chainset, cassette and chain) for cleaning and re-lubrication. Wheels trued and spoke tensioned. Hubs checked for play and tightened or adjusted as necessary. Bottom bracket checked for play and adjusted or replaced as necessary. Seatpost removed, cleaned and refitted using anti-seize compound. Shimano DI2 Diagnostic and program (if applicable). All prices are labour only, parts extra. These prices are inclusive of VAT.


Headset service




€ 15


Headset replace




€ 30


Frame prep - chasing and facing




€ 30


Suspension fork lower leg service




€ 30 inc. oil


Suspension shock air can service




€ 25 inc. oil


Dropper Post Basic Service




€ 25 inc. oil


Disc brake bleed




€ 10.00 per brake inc. fluid


Mechanical brake service




€ 10 per brake


Disc rotor straightening




€ 5


Gear adjustment




€ 10


Bottom bracket replace




€ 20


Wheel true and spoke tension




from € 10


Wheel build (spokes and parts extra) -




€ 20 item


Wheel strip and re-spoke (spokes extra)




€ 30


Tube or tyre replace




€ 5


Tubeless conversion




from € 15 per wheel


Hub service




€ 15


Fork fit




€ 30


Chain fit




€ 6


Rear deraileur hanger re-alignment (where possible)


€ 10


Build boxed bike




from € 25


Build bike from bare frame




from € 60


Suspension pivot bearing replace




€ 60


Invisiframe frame fitting




from € 60


Fork Full Service                                                                               

From €100

Full service including complete strip down, all new seals, O-rings, oil. Air shaft upgrades available at extra cost.


Shock Full service


From €100

Full service including complete strip down, all new seals, O-rings, oil. 


Dropper Post Full Service


From € 95

Full service including complete strip down, clean, all new seals, O-rings, oil and hose bleed.



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The capacity tester measures your batteries performance i.e: compares its current capacity as a percentage to its old capacity, this can be very helpful when it comes to buying or selling an ebike.

We offer also as a service and charge 25 euro per test 

€25.00 incl tax

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