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Looking for an affordable and sustainable way to get around Malta? With the Maltese government's new incentives, it's easier than ever to make the switch to an ebike! As a Maltese resident, you can receive up to €750 in tax rebates and an additional €1000 when you scrap your old vehicle. If you live in Gozo, you can even receive up to €2000 for scrapping your vehicle! That's not all - ebikes are cost-effective to maintain, eco-friendly, and a great way to stay active. With a good quality ebike priced at around €2500, you could practically get one for free or even get paid for it! Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity to improve your quality of life and contribute to a cleaner, greener Malta. Visit your local ebike dealer today to take advantage of this amazing offer!" 
At present when you purchase either a new bicycle or an ebike you can benefit from the below grants;
  • For a new bicycle you can get a maximum of €85 by applying for scheme 1 (Ministry of Finance grant);

  • In the case of a purchase of a new ebike you can benefit from a refund of up to €750 divided as follows; €250 through scheme 1 (MFIN grant) and €500 through scheme 2 (Transport Malta grant).

Ministry of Finance Grant on bicycles and Ebikes
The government of Malta is offering a Once-Only Grant on the Purchase of a Bicycle and a Electric Bicycle for individuals
In order to encourage the use of bicycles and pedelec bicycles as means of transport that reduce both pollution and traffic and at the same time encourage physical activity, the Minister for Finance has made this scheme whereby a once-only grant of 15.25% on the purchase price of the bicycle, subject to a maximum grant of €85 in the case of a non-mechanised bicycle and a maximum grant of €250 in the case of a pedelec bicycle, is granted to eligible applicants.
  • Click here for a copy of the scheme. 
  • Click here for the Application Form (You need your E-id login and password)



TM Scheme for the purchase of Ebikes

This financial incentive intends to further promote the use of new electric vehicles in Category L, M and N and pedelecs, and is aimed at:

  • Persons residing in Malta;
  • Local Councils;
  • Voluntary organisations (including NGOs); and
  • Undertakings established in Malta. 

The Ultimate Beneficiary Owner of the applicant shall be considered as the ultimate beneficiary of any grant issued under these financial incentives.

This incentive allows a mix and match of purchase of new electric vehicles and pedelecs, and replacement of old vehicles. The grant shall support the purchase of:

  • New passenger cars;
  • Goods carrying vehicles;
  • Minibuses;
  • Coaches;
  • Quadricycle;
  • Motorcycles; and
  • Pedelecs.

The grant includes a scrappage scheme intended to provide further financial support to applicants who, while purchasing and registering a new electric vehicle or pedelec, deregister a vehicle of any category which is older than 10 years from its year of manufacture.

The budgeted funds for this scheme amount to €15,000,000.

Grant A

The following grant amounts shall be issued to the applicant when the following types of vehicles are registered and depending on their propulsion type. If you experience difficulties to view the table below, you can download it from here.


Type of vehicleElectricPetrol/LPG
Pedelecs (pedal electric bicycles whose electric motor, the rating of which cannot exceed 250W, is activated as soon as the rider starts pedalling and is deactivated as soon as the rider stops pedalling, and which can reach a maximum speed of 25km/h.) €500 €200


Method to Apply and Supporting Document

Applicants for this grant submit form VEH 057 with all required supporting documents at the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Unit In Paola or Ħal Lija.

Applications submitted by Registered Companies and Partnerships, Voluntary Organisations with an economic activity, Self-Employed, and Cooperatives shall also include the State Aid Declaration form VEH 71. In such cases and in line with the de minimis Regulations, the total amount of state aid granted to a single undertaking or organisation under this scheme and any other de minimis scheme, shall not exceed in the aggregate €200,000 (or €100,000 in the case of a single undertaking performing road freight transport for hire or reward) over a rolling three fiscal year period.

For addresses and opening hours kindly check here.

When applying for this grant, the following supporting documents are required

  • In the case of Pedelecs:
    • An Invoice (including make, model and serial number);
    • A Fiscal Vat Receipt;
    • Detailed Technical Specifications confirming that vehicle complies with the specifications for Pedelecs; and
    • Transport Malta Technical Unit Inspection form .