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€300.00 incl tax

FLYBIKES Trebol Bueno FC Rear Hub RHD Flat Black

Trebol Bueno FC Rear Hub RHD Flat Black

Compatible with Trebol Bueno FC hub guard

FC I Freecoaster

RHD I Right Hand Drive

€140.00 incl tax

FLYBIKES Devon 2 Seat Black Cover / Black Base

If you’re in the market for a new seat and looking for something real clean and simple, look no further. Using the innovative Tripod system Devon’s signature model comes with a real comfy thick and wide foam shape, exactly how he wanted it, in four super clean cover versions: A durable vinyl side panel and soft but strong top cover version. Next, the real good-looking yet bulletproof vinyl and PU version.

And lastly, a heavy duty Kevlar with an all over vintage textured brown PU. Finishing things up, a very unique stitch design, hidden bumpers for no more pant hang-ups and the all round quality you’ve come to expect of flybikes.

Tripod Post NOT included

€20.00 incl tax

FLYBIKES Sierra 2 Seat Black Cover / Black Base

Sergio is very specifc about his bike, unlike other guys the smallest details are really important to him, everything has to be tight, no rattles and especially how his bike look’s. One of the key parts that he’s super particular about has always been his seat, the look, the angle and design. So, for 2018 we gave Sergio the opportunity to design his own, with a refined slim foam shape and clean look we bring you the Sergio Layos Sierra signature seat, that functions as amazingly as it looks.

Tripod Post NOT included

€35.00 incl tax

FLYBIKES Fuego Seat Black Cover / Black Base

The Devon Smillie signature line has been very popular, and we’ve decided to bring all of his signa- ture products under the Fuego line. We’ve refined the original Devon seat to give it a Fuego touch. The Fuego Tripod Seat will match perfect with Devon’s frame, grips and tires!

€35.00 incl tax

FLYBIKES Savanna Seat Brown Cover / Black Base

Along with Courage’s signature Savanna frame, Courage now has a signature Savanna seat, with a re ned shape, hidden bumpers, a very durable cover, and all the performance that you’d come to expect from Courage and his riding.

Tripod Post NOT included



€35.00 incl tax

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