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Manufacturer: Continental
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CONTINENTAL Tire Grand Prix 5000 Tubeless 28 "BlackChili VectranBreaker 

Tubeless version with 5% lower rolling resistance and improved puncture protection. 

For Continental, it was a worthy successor to develop the Grand Prix 4000 S II, which still dominates the performance tests. 
The main focus was on reducing rolling resistance, increasing mileage and speed, and improving puncture protection. In addition, the comfort aspect was added, which makes you less fatigued on each of your tours, whether for training or competition. The harmonious composition of all these features not only makes this tire better, but also allows you to set new personal bests. 

handmade in Germany 
These tires are among the highest quality produced by Continental. They are sewn by hand in the factory in Korbach and set special standards in terms of workmanship and quality. 

BlackChili Compound 
BlackChili at Conti means, above all, that grip, rolling resistance and durability are combined on a level that one almost believes in magic. At the same time, Continental simply uses only the latest and best technologies. The latest polymers, soot particles and fillers optimized down to the nano range guarantee the unique performance of the BlackChili compound. He revolutionized the basic conflict between grip and rolling resistance. Approximately 30% more grip and a 26% improvement in rolling resistance compared to the silica blend for greater performance and safety. 
Continental tires are made entirely of this high-quality rubber compound. Thus, the tires can be driven down to the carcass without losing the first-class properties of the rubber! 
Anyone who has ever driven a tire with Black Chilli does not want anything else! 

Vectran Breaker 
Vectran ? is a synthetically produced high-tech fiber with a natural role model. Like spider silk, Vectran ? is a liquid crystal polymer (LCP). Vectran ? is spun from the molten liquid polymer Vectra and further processed into a multi-fiber yarn. Spider silk as well as Vectran ? have an enormous tensile strength at the lowest weight. Improved puncture safety and lower weight are the advantages of the Vectran Breaker. Vectran is cut-resistant than Aramid, 5 times stronger than steel and lighter than a nylon thread, without affecting the rolling resistance. Thus, it provides the ideal protective layer for the tire. Vectran was developed for airbag systems in the automotive and aerospace industries. 

The TL technology is specially designed to adapt tubeless to the demands of racing cycling. Easy to assemble and reliable in use.Specially designed, the tubeless foot seals off particularly by its shape and ensures a stable grip on the rim. 

Active Comfort Technology 
The revolutionary approach in racing cycling. Integrated into the tire construction, the Active Comfort technology absorbs shocks and provides a superior driving experience. 

Laser grip 
Let yourself be one with the road. The laser-cut micro-tread structure focuses on the shoulder area of the tire, giving you increased cornering grip.