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The most efficient, fun and dynamic trail bike on the market because what you are after is pure mountain enjoyment. Occam is more agile than ever uphill and makes the sparks fly on any descent. The versatility of the new Occam will change the way you think about MTB. With its Advanced Dynamics technology you will enjoy both the ups and the downs, Orbea puts an efficient and capable bike in your hands that will bring out your best.
Who is the Occam designed for?
The new Orbea Occam is designed for mountain bike lovers. Developed with Advanced Dynamics technology, this new frame provides 123mm of travel for the purest Trail and All Mountain adventures. Orbea have designed it in two materials and have honed to perfection: Carbon (Orbea Monocoque Silver) and Hydroformed Aluminum (Orbea Hydro).
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Its optimised design, exceptional suspension performance, customised damper design and sealed bearings will soon become a market reference. Objective: a dynamic Enduro experience, which balances suspension performance, whether climbing, descending, or pedalling.
Who is the Rallon designed for?
The Rallon is designed for Endurance cycling. It's for people who want experience an adventure with the earth and the mud. People who know no limits and who are always in search of the last frontier. The most complex, challenging trails that'll really take you and your friends to the limit.
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The Oiz is a dual suspension bike that has a Gold Carbon suspension system where Orbea have done away with the pivot point and included an innovative suspension system for downhill safety and perfect uphill traction, as both wheels always remain firmly on the ground, increasing comfort and reducing fatigue on the toughest rides.
Who is the Oiz designed for?

The Oiz is designed for pure XC riders. It's the bike that gives the best traction on both uphills and downhills, it's for riders who are looking for fatigue reduction on long-distance XC and Marathons.

This bike is the perfect partner for long marathon riders, cushioning all the bumps on the roughest ground. Its optimum weight and competition geometry make the Oiz a bike that can take on the challenge of any ground imaginable.

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